March Food Madness

The Big Dance is coming up and while many of us will be carefully figuring out our brackets by picking upsets and Cinderella teams while also trying not to advance your favorite team just a little too far. The month of March is great for college basketball, but what about food? Did you know that there are similar tournaments for food like meats, snacks, and discontinued food? Read more to check them out!

Food blog SoGood has been hosting food based tournaments every March for years. Tournament categories have included meats, snacks, candy, fast food and discontinued foods where readers and fans will vote for their favorite to advance. Last years winner was the soda Surge in the discontinued foods tournament, with categories such as sweets, snacks and cereals, soda, and other beverages. Foods that were included in that tournament were Dunkaroos, Doritos 3D, Crystal Pepsi, Zima, and Fruitopia. Past winners have been Oreos in Snack Madness, Wendy’s in the fast food tournament, and bacon beating out steak in the Meat Madness. Check out all the past tournaments on the SoGood blog, and get ready to fill out your bracket for this year’s upcoming food tournament along with your NCAA bracket.


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